dijous, 28 de juliol de 2016

Summer disorder

July is a normal month for many people but, in many points, it is a very unusual month, especially in order to keep the daily routines.

Normally, we have to work in July in the same way as we have to work in other months, like October or May, but there is something different in the air, something that asks us to leave all the stuff and enjoy the summertime.

During july, we are thinking more in august than in our work

Schools are closed, and we can remember those times where school year was over and summer just started, and summer meant holidays, no work at all. Besides, many people take holidays in July instead of August, many others are thinking and planning their incoming holidays, many companies change their schedule and the weather is warm. 

Definetely, we are not in a normal month.

Problems with the agenda

July has been a difficult month to follow my agenda. My activities has been more discontinuous and hard than usual. 

During this month, there are many issues that start to stop, and that means that many plans have to wait until September. 

Besides, one can receive invitations to go out, to the beach or somewhere else. During these dates, many people is available for leisure plans, and this plans can be cooler than sitting all the day in a chair. 

Moreover, we feel that this is not a working time, because many people is enjoying free time. Honestly, what others do affect us, and if we know many people is enjoying holidays, we could enjoy them too, and we don't feel like we must do our tasks. 


In this situation, it is easy to leave our plans for another time, because we have another plans on the table and we don't feel to follow the plans are really necessary, as we feel like in holiday time. 

We would need to keep the discipline as usual, filling our agenda and do the planned things. If possible, we can do less tasks and try to leave empty space for leisure activities. Maybe they can make us charge our battery and work better later. 

If we work alone, we don't need to follow a squedule, just our plans, and meanwhile they are accomplished, we can let us go and have some fun. 

Enjoy this summertime. 

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