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Keeping the discipline alive

August is over, and we have to retake our daily routines, those ones that we left to take some days of relax and reset. 

During the last two weeks and a half I have not been doing anything related to work. I have been outside traveling or at home, but during all these time my agenda was empty and my mind empty of stuff too. Now it is time to restart and do everything I left before starting my vacation, and it is time to restart my discipline.

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Discipline, a very hard thing to keep alive

Discipline is hard to keep everytime, specially if you are not managed or you are not in a hurry. Discipline means that we have stuff to do (planned by us or by others) within a period of time and we just do it as it was planned. 

Easy to explain, but hard to do. What if we are tired? What if it makes me feel uncomfortable? What if I have the temptation of do funnier stuff? 

We are suppose to overcome all this and do all the planned stuff, but sometimes I decide to do it later, or tomorrow, or leave it now and take a rest, that lasts the rest of the day or I just feel too tired to do such an effort and I am not going to do a good performance. 

Definetely, discipline is hard to keep alive. 

Tips to keep discipline alive

My point is that the harder we think our tasks will be, the harder is keeping discipline alive. Therefore, to keep discipline alive, we must have a "lighter concept" of the tasks we have to do. 

That's what the "How to work on your own and not die trying" method goes mainly about. If we do our tasks just the way they come to our mind, it will be easier to complete them. If our tasks are easier, it will be easier to be disciplined and complete the planned stuff. 

Have a good September and a good return to your tasks. 

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