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When results are not coming

When we work alone, many times the achieved results are not in proportion to our effort, time and risk invested. 

This use to happen specially at the begining, when we lack almost everything we need to achieve results. 

Probably we try to get clients, followers or readers, but we listen many "nays", negative feedback or we are just ignored. Good results are hard to get, otherwise anyone could be successful easily. 

In these moments, we have to take a hard decision. Keep our plans away and try to be successful or just leave and look for "safer" and "easier" plans to do. 

There is a picture that shows perfectly that situation:

Picture from conwayadventure.com

As we can see, there is a guy who is digging a tunnel to find diamonds. After a while digging tirelessness, the guy gives up his task because he is not seeing any diamond, he thinks that he is digging to nowhere but, as we can see, the diamond are close to him. 

The picture is clear for us, because we see where the diamonds are placed, but is not so clear when we are this guy, who ignores completely if there are diamonds. 

In our activities, we are like this guy. We need to push hard for our goal, specially if we think that probably there is no easier and safer option. 

If we just give up and start another thing, we probably will find ourselves in this same situation, digging without finding any diamond, but we had lost a precious time starting from the begining again. 

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